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Agia Kiriaki Beach – Milos, Greece

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Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos Greece

We get a lot of requests for beaches in Greece.  Photo above by Foinix. What makes this one of the most special places on earth is of course, the history, but also the color of the water that is just magnificent. It is deep and blue and looks like you could go out and scoop some of that color up with you. Fortunately for those of us who want to bring a little bit of the Grecian Islands back with us, cameras do a great job of capturing that shade of blue. And for those of you who are planning a visit, let me tell you that the pictures don’t really do justice.

It’s little wonder that Greece is considered one of the most popular travel spots on the globe. Beauty surround you. This video of the Grecian countryside will prove my point. Spectacular and ready to be explored – full of scenic beaches just for you. Let’s take a look at one of our favorites, Agia Kiriaki! We found similar landscapes in Rio, Dominican Republic, France, and Dominica. White sand, striking mountains, and blue ocean. What a recipe for wonderment.

Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos GreeceWhen God’s handiwork passed through Greece, He left a spectacular contrast of magnificent colors and unique rock formations. The landscape of Milos is breathtaking, and yet, what in some places is dark and dreary, the Cyclades are stunning. Volcanic activity created rock formations that rise stoic among the azure blue seas.

And what better place than to start off our visit than at Agia Kiriaki.

Agia Kiriaki is as picturesque as can be. In fact, we found ourselves staring at the antiquity and small fishing boats, more than the beach. Don’t think the port has no personality. Goodness – it exudes old Greece in so many ways.

Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos Greece

Take your camera. The colors are outstanding. They are inviting. This peaceful port has a quaint road that runs through it. You won’t get lost as we found the people to be open and friendly, welcoming.

Agia Kiriaki Beach is an isolated crescent of sand with pebbles. The water is so clear here, it’s like crystal blue. There aren’t many visitors, so expect hardly any company. The high season is in summer when the Beach Bar is in full swing and the place has a nice party atmosphere.

To arrive here, head toward Zefyria. You’ll see signs for Agia Kyriaki (also spelled with a “y”) – that will lead you down a rough road to the beach.

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