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Myrtos Best Beach

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Myrtos Beach

Myrtos is a very wide beach however and the rocks would never reach the part of the beach where most people sunbathe. You should be careful though if you set your umbrella near the beach ends. When Zeus gained power, he obliged Kronos to throw the rock in the site of Agia Dynati. At ancient times, Pylaros must have been inhabitated, but remains haven’t been discovered yet. Limestone rock results in remarkable caves and caverns, some of which have become major tourist attractions.

A stroll to the rocks near the Capsis Hotel will also lead you to some excavations. If you want to try another quieter beach, you take a turn off the main road just before entering Agia Pelagia. The rocky and remote coastline makes for good snorkelling territory. The beach is made up of patches of different sized pebbles and shingle, for the most part quite angular, grey and flint like so it is advisable to take something to sit on. Other highlights from our trip included horseback riding through a rocky path on the slopes of Mt. Roudi, a visit to Melissani cave/lake, and a small cruise around the east coast of the island with a rental boat from Agia Efimia.

Friends on Myrtos Beach

Located north of Argostoli (the island’s capital), this impressive beach has a fine golden sand and wonderful turquoise waters; the whole place is surrounded by impressive and majestic vertical rocky cliffs. This pure paradise is one of the most photographed places in Greece and attracts thousands of visitors every summer. The water is beautiful here and the whole area is flanked by rock faces which are cream in colour with dashes of greenery. The sea is calm with tiny waves. From Vai’s car park, it’s a 10-minute clamber over rocks to the beach.

White Rocks Greek Islands Myrtos BeachAlthough I like the sliver of ocean, I would like to see just a bit more. About 70 kilometres south west of Heraklion, Matala beach comprises of series of sandy coves separated by rocky headlands. Matala first attracted hippies in the 1960’s who lived in the numerous caves, original Roman tombs, surrounding the beach.

However, on closer inspection, a steep slope with rocks and boulders strewn about should give pause to most people who would consider camping here. If not, the bright orange signs warning about the risk of landslides should make it clear that that you need to move elsewhere.

Blue Flag BeachThese two beaches are actually linked, as they are only divided by rocks. They form a very long stretch of sandy beach, and have been awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness.

On the beach of Myrtos (Kefallonia, Greece)

The NE coast is made up of sheltered rocky coves and shingle beaches offering secluded bays and traditional fishing villages. The North and South offer long sweeping sandy bays and the expected commercialism.

I have travelled to many exotic islands but haven’t found such crystal water. You could see the bottom of the sea even after hours of swimming. Like Greece, Kefalonia is an island of startling beauty and holidays to Kefalonia offer something for everyone.

Holidays to Kefalonia, like holidays to Greece, can be relatively cheap so going won’t break the bank! In the middle of the Libyan sea, the island’s nature is pure and mysterious. Its secret allurements are revealed to anyone who searches for them.

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