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Paraga Beach Mykonos

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Paraga Beach - Mykonos

If you’re looking to stay in a cultish environment and be overcharged for everything from stamps and water to beach chairs and lodging, then stay here! Paraga beach is the first in the chain of southern beaches which is tolerant to nude sunbathing and supports the needs of the young and fashionable. Set in a picturesque landscape the restaurants and music beach bars help to create a holiday atmosphere for not only its daily visitors but for those who chose to stay in its hotels and well organized camping facilities. All over the country, from Athens to beach towns and villages that line both coasts and many islands, surfers are suddenly realizing Greece with its many coasts has more to offer than clear waters that aren’t shark-infested. Though Mykonos doesn’t appear in the top 10 list of favorite places to surf in Greece, it should; already many of the island’s wind-battered north-coast beaches attract many of European surfers in the know.

Paraga Beach – Mykonos

People are used to tourists, nude beaches and gay clubs etc. Mykonians are friendly and open people and know how to have fun. Apart from this particularity Lefkada is an island with beautiful beaches, impressive sites and cozy inhabitants and it more seems to have a mountainous and not quite an insular character and landscape as well. Elia: l arge fine sandy beach with a nice crowd mix of hetero and gay sun worshippers: . The organized part has sun beds, umbrellas, waterbeds & various water sports (ski & jet-ski).

Paraga Beach

Mykonos also attracts world-famous DJs to its clubs and beach bars, the most well-known of which are Paradise, Super Paradise and Paranga. For that reason, beaches like Ftelia and Elia are a great place to go to escape the masses. The hotel?s private beach is one of the most beautiful on Mykonos. Just a few steps down from the main pool area, a small cove with golden sand, gentle waves and a fresh sea breeze invites you to experience the magic pleasures of the Aegean Sea.

paraga beach and beautiful water

There are three main gay beaches, each with gay and nude sections: Paradise, Super Paradise and Elia. Tucked into small coves and protected by rocky headlands, these crescent-shaped strips of sand are lined with trees and dotted with thatched sunshades. You have to be in the right mood for this beach. Don’t come to Paradise beach for peace and quiet! According to a report from September 1999 the Elia beach on the Mykonos island is divided in two parts. The commercial part with the tavern and the chairs has no nudism, to the right when facing the sea, you pass a little mount of rocks and there is a nice 99% nudist beach.

Paraga Beach, Mykonos

Elia is the longest sandy beach of Mykonos, fully organized, offering a wide choice of taverns and bars as well as water sports facilities. Agrari Beach is less popular than its neighbour and much calmer. You’ll need a chin up bar, free weights or bands and a lot of dedication. Every three weeks it’s a different phase, total muscle confusion. Very special, elegant sushi bar, with fine decor. Top quality ingredients, expertly-cut fish and sushi that -melts- in the mouth.

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