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Giulianova-lungomare Beaches, Abruzzo, Italy

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In 1798 the city was occupied by the French army and was then controlled by the Kingdom of Naples first and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies later. The name Giulianova was given to the city in the early 1900’s, in honour to its most illustrious feudatory, and it includes both the hillside part and the seaside town ( Giulianova Lido ). Tourism plays a big part in the town’s economy. The town beaches between the Salinello river and the Tordino are some of the best in the Abruzzo region. The city contributes to deliver data to analyse existing concepts, studies and strategies of the city and for the Pool of Green Strategies. The municipality will also use the expertise to formulate the Urban Green Strategy.


Giulianova is well suited to families with children, an ideal seaside town not far from the foot of the Appenines and surrounded by green hilly countryside. The fine sandy beach is complemented by a gently sloping seabed that slowly goes to deeper waters. Giulianova is located both on the sea and near the mountains, offering in this way a really great vacation to the tourists. During the winter it is possible to go skiing.

Spiaggia di GiulianovaDSC00031

The town boasts many beachfront hotels, many boasting a three-star plus ranking. Ciascuno di noi infatti pui avere esigenze e desideri diversi, come ad esempio la posizione rispetto al sole e al mare, la distanza rispetto ai servizi, la disponibiliti di parcheggio e cosa via. Parlare, propagandare, diffondere, discutere, ideare, proporre.Informarsi,consolarsi,capire,scegliere ,incontrarsi.Tutto per iniziare a far capire anche alle lobby che le cose stanno per cambiare.Vogliamo un ‘Italia migliore! Salviamo il nostro pianeta.

Giulianova Lungomare Abuzzo Beach

Giulianova Lungomare Abuzzo Beach

Giulianova is located both on the sea and near the mountains, offering in this way a really great vacation to the tourists. During the winter it is possible to go skiing. In high Giulianova is also situated the Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of the Glory with a well and its water is well-beloved to the popular cult. Because people recount that the Church has been built, after that the Holy Virgin has been appeared for three times in the front of a common man with the name Bertolino.

Giulianova Lungomare Abuzzo Italy

Giulianova Lungomare Abuzzo Italy

Abruzzo holds some of Italy’s best-preserved medieval and Renaissance hill towns. The abrupt decline of Abruzzo’s agricultural economy in the early to mid-20th century saved some of the region’s most beautiful hill towns from the onslaught of modern development. To the west are hills that rise into the Abruzzo mountains, dotted with some of Italy’s least visited hill towns. The Abruzzo National Park is one of the most important in Europe; the Calderone, Europe’s southernmost glacier, lies at the foot of Italy’s tallest peak, the Gran Sasso. The property is about 1 km from centre of the local town. The apartment is on two floors, the upper floor being a loft area.

Giulianova - port

The Hotel Cristallo faces the Adriatic, on the Giulianova beach, surrounded by a beautiful pine wood. It’s a one minute walk to Giulianova’s town center, always bustling and with lots of night life, 40 minutes by car from the Pescara domestic airport (50 km) and an hour and a half by car from Rome International Airport. Moreover, all the architectural barriers have been eliminated, both in the hotel and on the beach, and there are a few rooms equipped for the disabled. The restaurant deserves a chapter of its own: famous for the quality of its cuisine, for the rich variety of its wine cellar and for its attentive service with a staff that always understands immediately (often without even being told) exactly what clients want and gives them advice when they have to make a choice. Even the foodora service is top notch. Follow our guidelines to book hotels or bed & breakfasts. In the left column you can find all the destinations witha vailable hotels or b&bs nearby Giulianova.

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