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Lampedusa Island Beach Italy

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The group of the Islands Pelagie is found around on the African continental base to 80 miles by Pantelleria, to 80 miles around from Malta and 80 miles away from the coasts Tunisine, in front of Monastir and Mahedia. The climate type African in summer is warm dampness. Politically and administratively it is a part of Italy, but geologically it belongs to Africa since the sea between the two is no deeper than 120 meters. The island’s 20 sq.km. The populated area is represented by a little village dominated by the typically African-styled “dammusi”. These houses are based on basic and very old cube-shapes brightened up with lively lime-colours that create the image of a seaside-nativity scene.


Fauna and Flora , as well as the climate is similar to what can be found in North Africa . Linosa, the northernmost island, is of volcanic origin, whereas the other two islands rest on the continental shelf of Africa. The group occupies about 30 sq km (10 sq mi). There are more than 30,000 former child soldiers in the West African nation of Liberia alone, many of whom are eager to help rebuild their country. Now a unique photography program is helping some of them see hope and beauty again, and regain the respect of their communities as peacemakers.

Lampedusa - Rabbit Beach

Lampedusa is the southernmost summer resort island of Italy, the border between Europe and Africa. In recent years there has been a massive and constant influx of immigrants who try to illegally enter the country by setting off in small boats from the coast of North Africa. The local news paper from Rijeka picked up on that and there was a text (written by Ladislav Tomcic) in which the owned of AA is accused of ‘transporting Africans into suffering and death’.

Cala Pulcino 2-Lampedusa

Almost all the inlets and the beaches are about 1 Km away from the town centre. The town of Lipari is dominated by a cliff-top citadel, built in the 1500s, and buffered by two beaches, the Marina Lunga on which the harbour is sited, and the Marina Corta. Lipari, with its hotels, restaurants and bars, makes a good base for exploring the other islands of the archipelago, including Salina, Filicudi, Stromboli, Panarea and Vulcano, all of which offer beautiful scenery, volcanoes, castles, thermal resorts, watersports, fishing and some lovely volcanic-black beaches. The beach, with its finest sand, gently slopes to transparent waters that splendidly turn to turquoise and emerald green. Here the Caretta-Caretta turtle lays her eggs during the breeding season, an event today threatened by the big influx of tourists staying late at night when she usually comes ashore for nesting.


It has full of rocks rivers that finish with one short sabbiosa beach. E’ nearly completely banchinata and is allots n.6 floating wharves to you completely occupied from small units from diporto and peach local. If you love to wake up at sunrise for a long walk on the beach, there is no place in Lampedusa like l?isola dei Conigli. It has white sandy beaches, turquoise water and dark red cliffs.

In late August early September, thousands of hatchlings make for the beautiful warm sea of the Mediterranean. This is an absolutely beautiful experience and if you are in Lampedusa during this time of year, do not miss out on this. The Aegadian Islands ( Italian: Isole Egadi), are a group of small mountainous islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the northwest coast of Sicily, Italy, near the city of Trapani, with a total area of 22,97 mi (37,45 km). Favignana (Aegusa), the largest, lies 10 miles south west of Trapani; Levanzo (Phorbantia) 8 miles west; while Marettimo , the ancient Iera Nesos , 15 miles west of Trapani, is now reckoned as a part of the group. The beach and the neighbouring island are part of a nature reserve : here the famous singer-songwriter Domenico Modugno spent his vacations, and also died in 1994. Next to Parise Cape is a small beach accessible only by sea, through a low grotto .

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