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Pineto-Scerne Abruzzo Beaches in Italy

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The old town is extremely picturesque and we were impressed by the lively market, excellent cafes and, amazingly, a really good little health food shop – the first we have found in Abruzzo. The fact that it was a beautiful day helped of course. Moving towards the hinterland, you may visit many important historical and artistic towns where you will be able to discover the traditions, the history and the folklore of this region. The town began its modern existence in the 1920’s and 1930’s, eventually taking over the administration of the area from Mutignano and Scerne. From the train station (1 km) you can get a regional train to Pineto and Roseto. Nevertheless, a car is recommended. Organic growing is not widespread in Italy, but Saladini Pilastri in Spinetoli in southern Marche is all organic in its 40 ha (10 acres) of vines.


It has been organic since it started in 1995. House/Residence Farm-house, renovated in 2000, outside the resort, 2 km from the centre of Pineto, in an elevated position on top of a hill, 2 km from the sea. For shared use: grounds (fenced), garden, outside shower.


The beach resorts were home to many tourists during the summer season, today many now claim this their year round home. The wonders of sea air provide some of the healthiest fresh air, known for their regenerative properties; the sea air is a relief and a healthy escape from city life. Supermarket 2 km, restaurant 2 km, railway station “Giulianova” 20 km, sandy beach 3 km, shingle beach 3 km. Please note: car essential. The mild spring months are enticing for hiking and cycling and the beach directly next to the resort enjoys ideal conditions into the autumn. Your little ones can run riot in the kids’ pool or Adventure Playground and go on exploration tours with other kids of the same age, while you do something active for body and soul: There is an abundance of sport and leisure activities on offer at the resort.

Scerne, Pineto Beach Teramo, Abruzzi, Italy

Scerne, Pineto Beach Teramo, Abruzzi, Italy

There are beautiful towns and cities to explore, 80 castles and a wide range of archeological sites that are all set against the backdrop of the deep blue Adriatic and the towering mountains. It really is possible to spend the morning in the mountains and the afternoon on the beach. The commune is famous for the Cerrano Tower, an ancient watchtower, today turned into a marine biology observatory. Pineto became officially a commune in the 1930’s.

Scerne, Pineto Teramo, Abruzzi, Italy

Scerne, Pineto Teramo, Abruzzi, Italy

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