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La Sagesse Beach – Grenada

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La Sagesse Beach - Grenada

If you were to be marooned on an isle, La Sagesse Beach in Grenada would be the place to be. It has the typical coconut palms, complete with coconuts – a sheltered harbor so you can launch your raft, and we found plenty of fruit trees close by. Nowadays, it would be heaven to be lost at La Sagesse Beach – with all the modern conveniences here.

A sleepy island with friendly people. What more could you want for a vacation get-a-way? Grenada has a lush interior that includes Grant Etang National Park, and wonderful beaches like La Sagesse and others we review here.

La Sagesse Beach - GrenadaGrenada is criss- crossed by nature trails and one of them leads here to this beautiful cove called La Sagesse Beach. Part of the La Sagesse nature center, it’s made up of rocky outcroppings surrounding the far edges – these you can even walk on and explore. Just be careful of any wet area as it may be slippery. Make sure to tuck a camera in your back pocket!

Le Sagesse is like Grenada – different than the turbulent times of the ’80’s. Now there are small snack shops nearby that will allow you to stay longer. Before, you had to pack a lunch. And who comes to Le Sagesse? Snorkelers, fishers, and hey, those who like doing nothing more that lolly-gagging around in the sun!

La Sagesse Beach - GrenadaA true Spice Island, Grenada is almost an instant garden! The locals will say – drop a few seeds anywhere and you’ll have a garden. And just a few steps from Le Sagesse beach, you will find a jungle of palms, oleander, bougainvillea, purple and red hibiscus, crimson anthurium, bananas… and much more.

La Sagesse – Beach Index:

  • Sand – fine, off-white, some debris.
  • Facilities – a small restaurant opens onto the beach.
  • Shade – adult palm and other trees.
  • Sports – bring your own gear (snorkel, diving).
  • Notes – Nice hideaway, few people on weekdays.

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