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Bahia de los Suenos – Los Cabos

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Bahia de los Suenos - Los Cabos

Bahia de los Suenos in Los Cabos is hoping for more visitors. This beach is nice, but almost deserted as it sits along the road along the east coast of the Baja Peninsula. And yes, you can drive down the beach here, but remember with the lack of population, getting out of the sand, should you become stuck, might take a little long than you’re used to. The sand is soft and it’s hard to know where the rocks are. But the surf is inviting and people come here to be close to this beauty.

Not long ago we visited Los Barriles. Remember the RV parks right on the shore of the ocean? Well, 23 miles up the rugged coastal road, including a drive over a mountain range is Bahia de los Suenos, or Bay of Dreams.  The alternate route which is paved, runs through San Antonio – and will take you an hour. It’s kind of funny that this same spot was formerly called Bahia de los Muertos, or Bay of the Dead. Maybe they graduated?

Bahia de los Suenos - Los CabosIn any case, you need to know about Bahia de los Suenos before you make any plans to the Los Cabos area. So read up.

This is Los Cabos’ new “place to be” and “place to be seen“. The reason? Fusion. Yes, several things have made Bahia de los Suenos totally cool. Since the Giggling Marlin Beach Club and Bar shut down, a restaurant stands in its place called the 1535. It’s far enough from La Paz that people drive down here just to get away from it all and naturally to enjoy the beach and this wonderful view. This means weekends are generally busier because the locals enjoy the same things tourists do – great views and beautiful beaches – and a break from the work-a-day life in the big city. Plus La Paz really doesn’t have an ocean view. Bahia de Los Suenos cures all that and more. So it’s your turn now to check this place out. Walk along the beach and stick your toe in the bay. And don’t forget about the nightlife.

A lot is developing in this area. You’ll see new construction everywhere. Plans call for 650 higher end homes, some surrounding a world class golf course. A resort with another golf course is nearing completion and, two marinas are putting up finishing touches.

Bahia de los Suenos - Los CabosSo what’s the deal here?

We’re told that it is Gary Wagner of Giggling Marlin (Cabo) fame has invested heavily into the area. Locals say that Wagner is also behind renaming the bay to Bahia de los Suenos. That’s okay by us, as long as the nearby town of Ensenada de los Muertos doesn’t care.

You should plan a meal at the restaurant here, near the end of the afternoon. If you plan your seating right – look around first – you will have a breathtaking view of the mountains, the ocean, the beach, and the fishermen as they return home from a day’s work.

Here in East Cape, the waters are calm mostly year-round. Another interesting note is that the sand on the Sea of Cortez side is generally white, coral based. And it has that crunch that so fun to step on.

One tip we found was to watch the sea rays launch themselves from the deep and through the air, then back down to the surface with a loud slap. Sounds like our kind of way to end the day.

Bahia de los Suenos – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – whiter, crunchier than most of Los Cabos. Coral based.
  • Facilities – none.
  • Shade – little. Some trees.
  • Sports – Fishing charters rule, but Golf is not far behind.
  • Notes – use care when driving to Bahia de los Suenos. It’s better to take Highway 1 north to La Paz and then east on the local road to Ensenada de los Muertos. The road up the coast is not all paved. Or as we said – go through San Antonio.

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