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Best Beach in Long Beach, California

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People come here for the waterfront activities which have endless options, but there is a beach here, too. It’s been overtaken by the excitement created from the amusement park atmosphere provided by the Queen Mary, docked permanently here, to the Aquarium of the Pacific, one of my favorites, and the list goes on. You are entertained whether you like it (you will) or not.

What is convenient is the Long Beach airport – just minutes away from the beach area and wherever you stay in Long Beach, you’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. No wonder a lot of people choose here rather than downtown Los Angeles.

Long BeachThis area used to be a ranch (as did much of Southern California) back in the 1800’s. And as dozens of American cities, it was the railroad that actually brought a boom to the location around the turn of the century (1890). What were they after? Convenience. It was a perfect crossroads to areas south and north.

In 1933, Long Beach suffered a major earthquake and was rebuilt in the Art Deco style that can still be seen in some areas. Then around World War II the US Navy built a base in the harbor area. And it was here, in 1947, that Howard Hughes flew his Spruce Goose -that wooden aircraft that flew over the Long Beach harbor ever so briefly. In 1992, McMinnville, Oregon became home to that world’s largest aircraft in their Air Venture Museum.

Long Beach Queen MaryWhat we love about Long Beach is that everything is consolidated near the beach. There are five and a half miles of beautiful waterfront which you can cover by bike, Rollerblade or foot. Dotting the coastline are all imaginable watersports from kite boarding to jet skiing. But we found you can rent kayaks, boats, surfboards and wind surfboards in many different kiosks.

And when you get hungry here, there are so many choices you’ll have to spend days finding your favorite.

Watch or participate in the beach volleyball, or simply jump in the surf. You’ll be glad you did. When evening comes, enjoy the grand waterfront with a walkway that’s unforgettable.

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