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Fort Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Beach
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The beach at Fort Lauderdale, Florida is impressive in that if faces the full force of the Atlantic Ocean. Located just minutes north of the world famous Miami Beach, “Lauderdale” as it’s known to the locals is fun with its surf and clear water. It’s known for long and wide tan beaches and the laid-back counterpart to snazzier Miami Beach.

But without the clubs that border the beach you’re faced with extreme sand and waves. Isn’t that what a beach should be? Welcome to Fort Lauderdale. Can we take a second out to snatch the history book to ask why in the world do they call it fort?

Fort Lauderdale BeachesIn the Second Seminole War they built three forts around this area of Florida and that’s how it got the name. Lauderdale was a Major in the army.

There are 23 miles of pretty nice beaches here and a wonderful Interstate and coastal highway that threads along with it. Plus not a shabby Intercoastal Waterway either!

Photos by Komierowski Photography, Calgary, AB Canada. During the night you have Boca Raton and South Beach close by, but Lauderdale has its own set of night fun as well. Think clubs by the beaches and Lauderdale has them.

As for the beaches, hotels and condos line the sea and the sand is largely tan in color and the beach fairly wide – some areas almost 50 yards. There are great facilities throughout the area and you will find eateries everywhere.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Index:

  • Sand – medium grained tan
  • Sports – varied along the shore: scuba, snorkel, hobie, deep sea fishing
  • Facilities – full throughout