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Cooper Beach, Southampton, NY

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Cooper Beach, Southampton, NY

Coopers Beach in Southampton, Long Island, New York was selected as the #1 beach for 2010 by Dr. Stephen Leatherman, who is known as “Dr. Beach” and is the director of Florida International University’s Lab for Coastal Research. How did Coopers Beach get named number one? Well, it is ideal as a clean, family beach and Dr. Beach said he made it number one mainly because people don’t know about the nice beaches up in this area. There is a variety of accommodation in Coopers Beach including beachfront self-catering motels and suites, and several bed and breakfast options.

If you’re wondering how Dr. Beach selects his beaches, they are based on over 50 criteria including water and sand quality, facilities, safety, and environmental management. And Dr. Beach says that once you make number one on his list, you go off that list for future consideration as number one. So a very well deserved congratulations for Coopers Beach in Southampton for making it to the number one beach of 2010.

Coopers Beach ~ East Hampton, NY.Don’t be intimidated by high hotel prices because you can still come here and find many homes and condos for rent. You may have to stay in a neighboring city or town, but they are all quaint and beautiful through the summer.

The first inhabitants here built around what is nowadays Old Town Pond. And the locals (American Indians) taught them how to plant and fertilize “crops” and fish, dig clams… everything needed to survive.

Hey, when you’re here, the Long Island Hotel in Southampton Village is really nice for a stroll through the town with shopping and museums, galleries, and of course, restaurants. The Inn can take you to Coopers Beach if you’re staying with them.

Beautiful and nice, and very clean, with easy access and not crowded. Sound good?

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  • karen Cox February 21, 2010, 9:39 am

    I have been to Cooper’s Beach many times growing up. My mother lived and worked in the Hamptons. My sister’s lived there too. As a young woman I visited my family every weekend, and Cooper’s Beach was where my sister’s and I would go. Many people just drive up to the parking area and sit for a while to enjoy the ocean view. I have lived in New York, Hong Kong, Ontario and now Massachusetts. Cooper’s Beach is still the most beautiful beach.


  • Dave Jackson February 21, 2010, 12:55 pm

    Thanks, Karen! Nice to know! No matter where we travel, there’s really nothing like home… 🙂

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