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Holden Beach, North Carolina

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Looking for peace and quiet at the beach this season? Locals near Holden Beach, NC say it’s the place to go. Compared to the noisy boardwalks and busy surfing destinations, Holden Beach has the privacy many people thought no longer existed. What makes it so quiet is that it is kind of secluded – think “residential.” There are homes all around the shoreline and rentals pretty close to where waking up and peering out the window to the Atlantic could be a reality with a little luck.

Holden Beach, North CarolinaThat said, there isn’t much commercial development around Holden Beach, either. Might be a plus or minus, depending on whether you need to have your grocery or fast food near at hand, or can improvise. We vote for shopping before hand and bringing your goodies in a cooler for the day. Hey, it’s all good.

Expect this beach to be the place where couples and families with small children will gravitate. Seniors like the picturesque view as well – but what we’re trying to portray is that you’ll be hard up to find a rowdy crowd here at Holden. In fact, you’ll probably not find too many people strolling to hard packed sandy shores at all.

Sitting out on a peninsula, with the famous Intracoastal Waterway on one side and the Atlantic on the other, you may have to drive a bit to get into commercial development – i.e. food/lodging other than rentals. And that’s what people love about this place.

Holden Beach, NCDream of waking to a golden sunrise and the tide slowly moving out as it prepares itself for a new day along this strip that starts down at South Brunswick and moves majestically up to Vamamtown. Watch as the clouds go from slightly yellow to golden and then brilliant streaks of white and gold as daybreak comes, and no power can stop it.

And why did this secret beach become so interesting? Well, some have grown old of the popularity of the quaint Americana beaches and boardwalks on the east coast and wanted/needed a real break.

We don’t blame them. Come soon.

Holden Beach, North Carolina – Beach Index:

  • Light tan and packed and wide.
  • Very limited facilities.
  • Surfing and skimboarding here.
  • Wide strip of beach in most places.
  • Limited parking.