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Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Girls on Maroubra Beach Sydney

Trying to dodge the draft? Rumor has it that Maroubra Beach is the perfect spot. According to legend, during World War II, surfers would take their boards out from this beach and hang out in the ocean for hours while draft officers combed the coast for recruits. Even if you’re not avoiding the army, Maroubra Beach is a great option for a sunny day while you’re vacationing in Sydney.

To get here, drive or take one of the many buses along Anzac Parade (one of the main thoroughfares out of Sydney). Maroubra is located about 10 kilometres south-east of Sydney’s Central Business District, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even bike it on a nice day.

Maroubra Beach in Sydney, AustraliaMost people come to Maroubra for the surf. Maroubra is only the second beach in Australia (after Bell’s Beach) to be named a National Surfing Reserve, ensuring that the breaks and reefs here will remain unchanged by man for perpetuity. That means the great surfing here isn’t in danger of being affected by any dredging or port building. If you’re a beginner, start off with a lesson from the Sydney Safer Surf School and Safaris. Lessons are available 365 days a year.

If you get bored of Maroubra, take a stroll to Coogee and Clovelly Beaches along the beautiful coastal walk. Bondi is only a few kilometers further. You can spend an entire day ambling along this fantastic walk, a great day to see the best of Sydney’s beaches on the cheap.

Many residents lament Maroubra’s commercialization since the 1970’s, with increased food prices and difficulty finding parking. We still enjoyed it, however, with our favorite section being the rock pool a bit further up the beach. Check it out along with Sydney’s other beach spots.

The Stairs down to Maroubra Beach near Sydney, Australia
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