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Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

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Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

Noosa is one of our top beach towns in Australia. It’s a perfect blend of tourist and local, hip yet laid back. The beach also offers great surfing and bodyboarding. What really makes this beach shine, however, is the town itself, a charming oasis on the sometimes overcrowded East Coast of Australia. Too cool, you say? Listen on. It is probably the beach you’ve been searching for.

Noosa is about an hour north of Brisbane, and almost directly in the middle of the continent. This spot on the continent ensures beautiful weather year-round, with water temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius (or 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit). That means pleasant water whenever you visit. And as you can see, the surf doesn’t really know what temperature it is, so it will be here just waiting for you to jump in.

Surfing Noosa Heads, Queensland, AustraliaThere’s no shortage to activities in Noosa. If you’re not into surfing, you can rent a fishing rod, or rip through the ocean on a jet-ski. If you want to navigate the ocean under your own power, take out a canoe. Admire some of the beautiful million dollar houses on the Noosa River, only a short drive from the town.

For the more shopping inclined, Noosa will be a field day. Window shop at some of the boutique stores. There are also numerous high-end fashion stores, along with great surf shops. There are also a ton of great restaurants, including some spectacular high-end options if you have a few extra dollars to spend. In particular, Hastings Street is your best option, with sun splashed outdoor dining. Noosa also has a great cooking school, if you’re more into doing it yourself.

Nature abounds in and around Noosa, as well. Nearby Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and home to a number of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. One of our all time favorite days in Australia was spent touring the Australia Zoo, created by famed Croc hunter Steve Irwin. Pet a koala, or view one of the incredible crocodile shows. Whatever you do, you really can’t go wrong in this beach paradise.

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