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Rainbow Beach – Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

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Maheno Shipwreck Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island, Queensland

When people talk about Rainbow Beach, they’re not focused on Rainbow Beach. That’s because Rainbow primarily serves as a gateway to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world at almost 110 KM long and an average of 14 kilometers wide. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1992, Fraser is a gem, with beautiful freshwater lakes and dramatic scenery.

Rainbow Beach and Fraser are approximately 250 kilometers north of Brisbane. The most popular way to tour Fraser Island is by renting a 4WD truck, either by yourself or as part of a larger group. These tours generally go out for two nights. One of the best parts of your trip will be driving the truck. I actually learned to drive a manual transmission on Fraser Island!

Lake McKenzie Silica Sand Beach, Fraser IslandFraser has over 100 dune lakes, beautiful desert oasis’ that are some of the cleanest in the world. The most famous is Lake McKenzie, blessed with sand that is nearly pure silica. Don’t be surprised to see people rubbing the sand over watch faces and jewelry; the non abrasive silica works well as a cleaner. The sand also exfoliates the skin.

The 75 mile beach on the east coast of Fraser Island isn’t as popular for swimming, due to dangerous currents and plentiful tiger sharks. Other highlights include Champagne Pools, a rock outcropping constantly hit with bubbly ocean overflow, and Indian Head, a vantage point from which you can usually spot schools of sharks knifing through the waves.

Another popular spot is the Maheno shipwreck, right on the beach. You can walk through the wreck, but keep an eye out for sharp and rusty edges.

If you have some extra time in Australia, Fraser Island is a great getaway for a few days. It’s sure to provide some of your favorite memories.

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  • Michelle Gilmore June 30, 2010, 9:31 pm

    When people talk about Rainbow Beach – many of them know they are referring to Rainbow Beach. Travellers come back again and again to enjoy our unspoilt natural backdrop of the Great Sandy National Park and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Sure Fraser Island is amazing too, but there are many gems right here on our doorstep in Rainbow Beach. For instance:
    Carlo Sandblow
    Seary’s Creek
    Poona Lake- freshwater lakes
    Honeymoon Bay
    Inskip Point
    Double Island Point
    Historical lighthouse
    legendary coloured sand cliffs with 72 coloured sands
    Part of the new Great Walks of Qld
    You can:
    canoe, feed dolphins, hire a dinghy, one of the best skydive experiences in Australia, one of the top 10 spots in Qld to handglide or parasail, deep sea dive at Wolf Rock, kayak with the dolphins, beach fishing, deep sea fishing, acclaimed restuarants and accomodation to suit everyone.
    We are a small town focused around tourism. It is easy to spend time here and you will be suprised as to how much there is on offer- right here.

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