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Ibiza Clubs – Ibiza Spain

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The clubs in Ibiza have really outdone themselves. There is great competition to get the tourist dollar or Euro, and that’s perfect for you and me. If you’ve been to any of these clubs, and they are described incorrectly here, please let us know and we’ll keep the page updated. It is a fast-paced world and Ibiza, Spain sits on the edge. The beaches here are spectacular, but we rarely get asked about them. The highlight is the nightlife and Ibiza simply shines. So get your dancing shoes on and join us for a run down of what we’ve found there and see if you think you may fit in. We know a few of them were just a tad – exotic. Let’s get right to it and list the clubs in Ibiza, Spain.

Be ready to party the night away – (most close before 6 AM).

Club Privilege Ibiza

Privilege – Known as the world’s biggest club,
it boast a huge interior with pool, gardens and
many “back rooms”. Host of the Manumission party
every Monday. The propelling window in the roof
shows the Ibiza sky scattered with bright stars.

Club Space Ibiza

Space – Called the world’s first “afterhour” club,
with techno inside and balearic grooves on the
terrace. No clubber’s visit to the White Isle is
complete without at least one Space session. In
2005 Space was honored with a Best of award.

Club Pacha Ibiza

Pacha – The oldest club on the island, and an
institution since 1973. The first Pacha opened in the
seaside town of Sitges. Founder Richard Urgell saw
an opportunity for a similar venture on the Island
of Ibiza. Over time, Pacha still means freedom.

Club Amnesia IbizaAmnesia
– First open-air disco on Ibiza. While the
previously open air venue was enclosed, Amnesia
promoters lost the air of freedom but gained
volume. All the successful promoters fill every
corner of the room with physical waves of sound.

Club Es Paradis Ibiza

Es Paradis – Great vibe, always packed. El
Paradis Terrenal (Paradise on Earth) is one
enormous Mediterranean paradisiacal garden with
temples, pillars, terraces and fountains under one
big roof. The propelling roof weighs 12000 kilos.

Club El Divino Ibiza

El Divino – right at the marina, a must-visit.
(Puerto de Ibiza Nueva) has a fairly exclusive public.
The oriental furnishing gives the place an intimate
atmosphere. In the restaurant, enjoying the splendid
view; you can load up your energy for the night.

Club Eden Ibiza

Eden – newest club on the block, and on the
waterfront. You can see Eden (the former Kaos)
from a long distance because of its two enormous
lighted and violet domes. It is a popular place and
has a classy radiation. There are two dancing floors.

Guarana Music Bar Ibiza

A fun pick is the Guarana Music Bar. This night
club is located in the Marina of Santa Eulalia and
has live music and DJ’s. There are live events
every night. Fun for tourists and locals until 6 AM.
But save your energy for the clubs. Don’t stay late.

Drug Police in IbizaNot sure what you may think, but many make the trip here dreaming of soft drugs and hard sex. There is a great abundance of both in Ibiza, but there are dangers. The local paper has a daily column of deported people because of irresponsibilidad economica (no funds), or conducta antisocial (drunk and disorderly conduct). For that reason many young people leave Ibiza and head to the small island of Formentera (about 40 minutes away by ferry), where there is less harassment. However, note that Formentera has limited accommodations, eateries, and nightlife – so most make it a day trip from Ibiza.

So, there you have it. Our number three pick – Ibiza, Spain – for the Best Party Beaches in the World. Don’t forget, you can enjoy the beach as these friends are doing on Ibiza’s San Antonio area.

They can’t get enough of the strip on one of the largest man-made beaches on the planet – where the party lasts All Night!Next >>

Girls on the beach in Ibiza, Spain
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