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Praia Foca – Seal Beach Buzios

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Praia Foca Buzios Brazil

It’s not a big beach. It’s even hard to reach. So why is it people go out of their way to find this little piece of the Búzios landscape?

Mainly because it really is hard to get to, so it’s never crowded. There’s enough sand for laying in the sun. Enough surf to lull you to sleep, and enough beauty you won’t be able to digest it all in one visit. And, a natural pool.

Rocks around Foca Beach BuziosBut wait, isn’t that what all beaches in Buzios are like? It’s as if you opened a book of wonders and each beach is just a little better than the last. And fascinating to us is the fact that each beach has either a little history or a little story on how it got its name. Some tragic, others kind of wonderful, like Praia Foca.

As a matter of fact, a geological site is close by – so fascinating that it relates how Buzios shows signs of being connected to the African continent; how the rock formations on both continents are the same.

Depending on the length of your stay in Búzios, Praia Foca would be an excellent choice for a half-day venture. If you’re into beauty and want to soak in some sun, take a book and head for the road that leads to Praia do Forno. Past Forno you’ll see a small area oceanside where you can park and walk down to Foca.

Foca Beach, BuziosWhat does Foca mean and where did the beach get its name?

Legend has it that half a century ago, four seals from Patagonia somehow lost their way and ended up at this beach. Not sure how true that is since seals have never been seen since, but we like the story.

Even though Praia Foca faces directly south toward open ocean, rocks form a natural break from the surf. As you approach the small cove, you’ll notice the water behind the break is pristine and calm, forming a natural pool. The size of the pool depends on the tide. Now there’s a problem; more beach or more natural pool?

Praia Foca (sometimes called Praia da Foca, although there were four critters) – Seal Beach – Beach Index:

  • Sand – heavy white from rock, no shell or coral
  • Facilities – none
  • Shade – none
  • Sports – great snorkeling, diving, and fishing from the rock outcroppings
  • Notes – nice morning trip

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