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Cabo Frio Beaches

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If you love stunning beaches, sun-soaked coastline, luxury resorts, and pristine surroundings, then think of no other destination than Cabo Frio Brazil. With nine beautiful beaches surrounding turquoise waters, offering panoramic views of the land and the sea, Cabo Frio offers you the best experience of a perfect holiday.

Rest and rejuvenate on the serene sandy beaches watching local band and samba performances in the day and enjoy a night in the vivacious city, offering the best nightlife to locals and tourists alike.

Cabo Frio Brazil

Cabo Frio promises to be your dream holiday destination, offering you a beautiful and luxurious vacation!

With so much to explore during Cabo Frio holiday, questions of where to go can haunt your mind, but be rest assured that it will be one of the best holiday experiences for you! Cabo Frio has always been known for its spectacular sand dunes and majestic beaches. No matter where you choose to spend your Cabo Frio holiday, the great selection of beaches here is certain to captivate you.

Before venturing to explore any beaches in Cabo Frio, first check out Gamboa Street or “The Bikini Street,” brimming with 200 stores and shops selling beach wear at amazingly low prices. Think of anything and you would find that here – be it sandals, bikinis, swim trunks, suntan lotion, beach blankets, coolers, or towels.

Fort of Sao Mateus, Cabo FrioIts nine beaches are the jewels of Cabo Frio, and if you miss exploring these, your holiday will be bereft of maximum enjoyment. Praia do Forte is the most famous beach in Cabo Frio, home to the 1620’s Fort of Sao Mateus, which offers spectacular panoramic views of the city. Local band and samba performances are quite popular on the beach. Your next destination should be Praia do Foguete or the Rocket Beach, which is the ultimate choice for gorgeous summer vacation homes.

Panoramic views of the summer vacation homes of the elite along the shoreline will surely captivate you, adding to your great Cabo Frio holiday experience. If you love surfing and fishing, you are lucky to be on the Praia do Foguete. Going further, you would reach the beaches of Brava and Praia do Peru – a paradise for surfers.

Do not forget to explore the Municipal Theater in Cabo Frio, popularly known as the epicenter of entertainment here, with modern and traditional music, dance shows, and plays giving a taste of Brazilian roots and attracting every entertainment enthusiast. You would love the pure sight of the majestic Feliciano Sodré bridge, stretching across a striking stretch of turquoise waters to connect Sao Pedro to Cabo Frio. A visit to the Church of St. Benedict, rich in architectural and historical wealth, is sure to enthrall you! A walk on the Avenida dos Pescadores, connecting the church, will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

If you want to witness sun, sand, and beach all at one place, choose Cabo Frio, an ideal alternative to any other urban holiday in Rio.

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