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Pamangal Beach Catanduanes Island Philippines

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With 7,107 islands, and a coastline twice the length of that of the USA, the Philippines is Asia’s Beach Capital. You can enjoy the warm crystal blue waters of both the Pacific Ocean and the China Sea. Puerto Galera is an ideal place to do island-hopping from Luzon or a place to do nothing and everything on pristine white sands and clear, warm water. The former is famed for its Boracay-like vibe. Short boat rides take off from the village of Lucap to the Hundred Islands. In Bolinao, white sands are accompanied by coral rock formations along the beaches.

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Bantayan island, 15km from the northern tip of Cebu is well-known for its powder white sands and crystal clear water, especially along the southwest coast. It is a low-key, laid-back resort with friendly locals.

It is a small island on the Philippines southwest of the bigger island, Bohol. On the southern beach of Panglao there are several resorts that line up on the beach. It is a conglomeration of over 7100 islands and thus is popularly known as island-nation of Southeast Asia. There are many forests, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, and mountains which are the good source of relishing natural beauty from close. Malapascua is a tiny island at the northeast tip of Cebu. It is relatively new to the international market, but is already garnering worldwide respect as the new Boracay.

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Getting to Catanduanes Island from Manila is not hard, in fact you can reach Catanduanes from plane, ferry or road transport from Manila, the country?s international gateway, and it really depends on how long you have available time.

It is that hot and humid Asian country which is surrounded by lush tropical jungles and pristine beaches. The Philippino island floats on limestone bedrock forming a network of caves. The spelunkers find immense fun and joy in exploring the caves. Tropical destinations like the Caribbean and South Pacific cruises feature island tours and beach and ocean sports. Many cruise lines will provide you a list of shore activities offered before you book.

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