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At head-high, the waves are very lined-up and under control. There is a midsection that usually connects, and the inside is steep and fast. Top professionals and those just wanting to experience the thrill of riding giant waves come each year in the winter months to challenge the amazing surf. Spots like Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay and the Banzai Pipeline have been attracting surfers for over 40 years and today visitors can see up close and in person some of the world’s best surfers pushing the limits of the sport. They’ve got ancient relics, modern-day wave-blades, and just about everything in between. If surf history (or Polynesian history in general) catches your fancy, a tour through the museum in downtown Honolulu is a must.

Maui Rippers Starboard Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport Kahului Hawai'i

They’ll take you to surf the wave you always dreamt of regardless of surfing level. We have a huge inventory of surfboards, bodyboards and longboards. A popular big-wave contest, the Quicksilver Eddie Aikau Invitational, is held at Waimea every year, the only requirement for the contest being that the wave height must be 20 feet or higher for the contest to be held. The shore break at Waimea is one of the most dangerous shore breaks in the world, with lifeguards having to save numerous onlookers that got too close to the water?s edge and ended up getting sucked out. Behind Kahanamoku two surfers are depicted riding a wave at Waikiki Beach; Diamond Head is visible in the background.

Suzy will take you to a safe small wave cove for your surf lesson. The waves in this cove are protected from the big waves. Oahu’s varied surf breaks provide a wide spectrum of types of waves and if you know where to look you’ll find the wave that is just right for you. If you’re looking to learn to surf your best bet is to sign up with one of our great cadre of surfing schools. However, there is much more to the North Shore of Maui than waves. The towns of Haiku and Paia are full of charm and character.

Every winter the top men and women surfers and bodyboarders converge at the north shore’s pipeline to prove who is the best wave rider in the world. Pipeline however, is not the best place for beginner surfing lessons. Waves may reach up to 25-feet or more. Obey all postings and warning signs and flags. MR, feeling very involved himself, industriously weaves and poses through the curl of one of the heaviest waves to be ridden that season at this photogenic stone/coral-bottom beach break just a flying kick-out away from Pipeline’s notorious Backdoor. Unbeknownst to Richards, however, was the fact that Tomson survived the rather brutal stuff job, pulling up into the barrel behind him, successfully negotiating both MR’s twin-fin wake and the grinding tube.

Unbelievably, a girl surfs down below in this trecherous surf. Myles snaps her picture.

Then learn to surf on small, easy waves. Each instructor has years of experience, and are dedicated to making your lesson fun and exciting. The North Shore is known to possess some of the biggest and most powerful waves during the winter months from November through April, and is a popular destination for surfing thrill seekers. Waves could reach up to 35 feet high during these months. You probably won’t see waves that big at the Triple Crown, but you might feel the tension building as the first of its three segments (each of which has both men’s and women’s events) gets under way. Each event comes down to a 4-day contest that can take place anytime during a 12-day waiting period, when promoters try to gauge the surf and pick the best day to start the competition.

These massive waves can swell up to thirty feet or more and can even be dangerous for experienced surfers so please heed warning signs. In the summer, from May to September, the waves subside creating the perfect spots for swimming and sunbathing. With miles of pristine surfing conditions and a pro surfer to help you along the way, Sunset Suzy is a local girl, a great surfer and a wonderfully patient teacher. You’re in good hands. The beginner surfer would usually spend weeks, even months trying to figure out the proper positioning, paddling, dodging and standing up techniques. With instruction, you will learn most of that in your very first lesson.

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