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Beaches of Nungwi – Zanzibar Tanzania

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When you trek as far as Tanzania, you have to make sure you’re going to see the best beaches there, and Nungwi, even though it has a tongue-twister for a name, has wonderful beaches that would have any strip of sand on this globe jealous with envy. This white strip is as wonderful as it looks, with that crunchy sound beneath your toes. It’s magical. And the best part is that it really isn’t that hard to find a getaway right on the beach. Take a look below and see the beachside bungalows.Beaches of Nungwi - Zanzibar Tanzania

A visit to Zanzibar is incomplete without making the trek north to the most stunning beaches of the entire Zanzibarian Archipelago. We’re talking about the Nungwi area, a town located on the northern tip of Zanzibar. The reason this area is so beautiful, is probably due to the coral reef that has for centuries deposited tons of shimmering grains of sand on its shores – this is because of the Indian Ocean wave action from the northeast.

Then again, it’s probably God’s blessing to the island, which you can take in – even today and see it as it was, pretty much identical to when it was created.

We found the contrast of the turquoise water, the deep blue sky, brilliant white sand, and unusual large rock outcroppings made the whole Nungwi area just simply breathtaking. It’s like when someone asks you to explain how it looks and you just stand there speechless. You’re not avoiding them – you just can’t put it into words.

And believe us when we tell you that the pictures here don’t do justice as well.

Nungwi Beach - Zanzibar TanzaniaCome here to recharge your batteries as the safari travelers have done for centuries. Nungwi is still a small fishing village where traditional wooden boats (dhau’s) are made by hand, and you’ll have a chance to view the craftsmen close up. The fishing village has evolved into a resort area – but not in a big way. There is still the old village charm which you’ll appreciate.

One of the things you’ll note immediately when you wade into the water is that the sandy shore here slopes rather steeply allowing you to swim low tide or not. Because of this feature, little seaweed grows here – which mean less for you to contend with when you’re relaxing in the crystal clear waters.

There are good cabana-style resorts, great food, lots of activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and depending on the wind, windsurfing and kiteboarding. Try your skill at beach volleyball or football, played every afternoon near the resorts on the beach at Nangwi.

Beach bars and dance floors have popped up at a few of the resorts. Know that on the weekends, deejays will have the music going until well past midnight. But save some of that energy for a few of the tours offered at your resort.

Beach Hut - Nungwi - Zanzibar TanzaniaThere is a tour of the boat-building craftsmen, which seemed a little strange to us since there aren’t but a few trees still standing on the island. You can also be taken on a “Spice” tour. Don’t expect fields and fields of spices. Here on Zanzibar the plots of spices are small. You’ll be able to smell the cloves along the road as the locals dry out the pods preparing them for sale.

Many locals don’t have running water or electricity. Children have few toys, but are always playing with what they can find – a ball made of plastic bags, small hoops from old bicycles. The men build, harvest, and fish, but one interesting scene is of the women dragging nets through the shallows every morning to catch the day’s meal.

Even though you seem to be in some remote bungalow, you’re actually only an hour and a half across the island from the major port of Stone Town . As a matter of fact, if you arrive in Zanzibar without having booked Nungwi, you can do so from there – resort, diving, the works.

Enjoy your stay here. It’s full of culture and the primitive feel won’t last forever. More development is on the drawing board for resorts and infrastructure. Come stay in Nungwi, where the Best Beaches in Zanzibar are found.

Nungwi Beaches – Beach Index:

  • Sand -fine grain, coral based, steep slope, little debris
  • Facilities – mainly around resorts
  • Shade -few shade huts, high palms
  • Sports -diving, snorkeling
  • Notes -soak it all in – recommended stop
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