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Ponta Negra Beach Manaus


Here is Ponta Negra Beach

Ponta Negra beach in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil is one of the most pristine, white beaches along the majestic Rio Negro river. Local residents spend their weekend unwinding here because it is very wide and the sand is amazingly soft. Although the north shore of the river has spectacularly clear waters, it is not the best place for swimming because it is directly over the level of the Amazon. To get to Porto Grande, you need to rent a raft, which costs around 2,200 Brazilian reais. There is an entrance fee of 600 reais.

These “water taxis” go down the Rio Negro river to the port, and will transport you about a kilometer (0.6 miles) up the river to a small boat port on the south side of the river. Porto Grande is the last starting point for those seeking adventure along the Amazon River. With fewer visitors these days and the beautiful bridges, jungle, and cultural sites of the upper Amazon as well as the famed indigenous tribes that live on its banks and below, the lower Amazon is regarded as the best place to see indigenous tribes in their natural surroundings.

As the longest stretch of tropical rainforest on Earth, it is also the best place to see the forest’s many species of monkeys. Firau Bend, Bahia-Guanajuato, Amazonas, Brazil Camellia Brook, Guarani Indians, Brazil.

St George Island State Park

St. George Island State Park is the most popular and undisturbed part in the Florida panhandle. On the east end of the island, you can find undeveloped dunes and beaches. St. Georges has the longest beach front. You can explore the gulf, salt marshes, white sand, clear water, sandy coves, oak forests, and pines, which provide homes for many bald eagles, ospreys and birds.

St. George Island State Park is made for history fans and beach lovers. You can explore the remains of artillery shells and practice bombs left behind during the World War II. You would find this as one of the most secluded beaches, with most of the area being untouched. You can explore the amazing landscape with abundant natural sand dunes. St. George Island State Park is a place for locals and tourists alike. You can take your kids along to the beautiful place and even explore it as a honeymoon destination. It is popular for its seafood and awesome natural scenery. Most of the visitors come here to relax and enjoy the beach life of St. George Island State Park.

Attractions and Activities

You can enjoy a plethora of activities here, including swimming, boating, camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, shelling, and fishing. Do not miss the opportunity to sunbathe with your beloved on the beautiful beach. You would certainly love the spectacular bird watching sights. Explore your fishing experience on the Gulf of Mexico and Apalachicola Bay. You can also explore the abundant wildlife and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets of St. George Island State Park. If you love fishing, St. George Island State Park offers you two public boats to reach Apalachicola Bay, where you can fish for redfish, flounder, mackerel, and pompano.

If you love hiking, have the best experience of your life by climbing to the top of the Cape St George Lighthouse. You can learn about its history at the Lighthouse Keepers Museum and Visitors Center. Visit the old city’s historical Apalachicola and periphery features in the heart of Franklin County, and you can enjoy centuries-old houses and buildings, art galleries, wine shops, antique shops, local souvenirs shops, galleries, gift shops, downtown docks, parks, restaurants, designer clothing shops, and a marina. You can also find restored downtown area of concrete structures, stone and brick, where you can buy some gifts for your loved ones. St. George Island State Park is definitely a tourist treasure trove, where you can get experience of a lifetime.

Explore the natural beauty of St. George Island State Park, Florida Panhandle and get an experience of a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Book your trip today!


Imagine a beach two miles long, positioned in such a way that it receives the afternoon trade winds, yet doesn’t experience any of the related high surf.

As you can see in the video below, my daughter didn’t like the murkiness of the sand here. In fact, hardly anyone comes to this beach for anything other than to unload a fishing boat or to learn how to zip across the surface on a kiteboard or windsurf board.

But if you’re near and you want to spend a few moments, it’s worth a look if anything to see the bay. Full of silt and not very attractive, the bay has great historical value to Brazil. The silt is caused by the constant wind blowing right into shore, and the fact that the neighboring land is mainly clay composition.

Praia de Manguinhos, Buzios

You’ve arrived at Manguinhos Beach, or Praia de Manguinhos.

This is one of the most interesting beaches in Buzios, both historically, and topographically. When we visited here, the beach was mostly empty at close to noon on a weekday. The kiteboarding school was awake, but no one was out on the water yet. A few children were playing in the silty sand that makes up almost half of this beach that had a very gradual angle to the deep.

Because of this interesting feature, windsurfing and kitesurfing are “the” sports here. When we visited, we parked behind the local windsurf school, Buzios Vela Clube. It was early, so we didn’t notice anyone out on the water. The people at the club were arranging the boards and sails for later instruction. The school seemed well organized.

We found an alley between the school and the next property and walked down to the beach. That’s the way most beaches are here in Buzios. You find a pathway that leads down between properties. The beach is immense!

Praia de Manguinhos is well developed and faces almost due north. To the eastern part of the crescent is where a fishing development is.

Come here early in the morning and get the catch of the day – plus see some real Brazilian culture as you experience the open fish market.

Girl on Praia de Manguinhos, Buzios

A tad further north along the crescent is where you can still the ancient pier where slaves disembarked, secretly, even after law went into effect in 1850 prohibiting slave ships in Brazilian waters. Why slaves in Buzios? It was the perfect dropping off point.

Policing the whole coast became impossible and Buzios was chosen by traffickers because of its proximity to Rio de Janeiro, and by nature, offered many hidden coves and bays.

Today, the Praia de Manguinhos offers many beautiful posadsas. It becomes alive from Christmas through Lenthigh season for Buzios.

If you have the chance to experience it, make sure you take time to get a windsurf lesson at the Buzios Vela Clube. Great people with patience.

Praia de Manguinhos – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – very fine, clay-like, dense. Rock based from runoff.
  • Facilities – many along the coast.
  • Shade – many trees line the coast, some businesses offer umbrellas.
  • Sports – windsurf, kitesurf, boating, sand soccer, futevoli, Frisbee.
  • Notes – long expanse, but no white powder here.

Praia de Manguinhos, Buzios

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For a continent like North America, it’s fascinating there are so many beautiful beaches adorning the thousands of miles that make up the coasts which border three different, yet majestic oceans. And if that wasn’t enough, most of the weather where the beaches are is temperate enough to allow them to be used year round.

From the cold beaches of Canada to the warm shores of Mexico, let’s take a look at the best beaches of North America which includes Mexico.

Map of North America

Canada Beach Reviews Canada – Hundreds of miles of excellent beaches seemingly stuck in nature and simply waiting for you to explore. From tanning beaches to driftwood.
Florida Beach Reviews Florida – Blessed with hundreds of pristine beaches, the best Florida beaches are reviewed right here with pictures and video. We live here.
Beaches of Mexico Mexico – Beaches on both sides of this country that sits in two oceans; the Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico. Spectacular beaches including Tulum and Cabo!
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Myrtle Beach Jet Ski South Carolina – Who knew Myrtle Beach Bike Week would turn into this? A retreat on the Atlantic, South Carolina has a gem in Myrtle Beach.
Photo of Coopers Beach

If you are a beach lover and haven’t been to the Coopers Beach in Southampton, Long Island, you have probably missed exploring one of the most enchanting beaches on earth. The amazingly clean, pristine family beach is a wonder in itself, with a barefoot walk on the soft white sand giving you the best relaxation experience you have ever had.

Recently voted as the top-rated beach in the United States by Dr Beach, Coopers Beach boasts an extensive shoreline, which attracts sunbathers, athletes, adventure enthusiasts from world over. The only lifeguard protected beach in Southampton, the Coopers gently slopes toward the extensive coast, with lapping waves striking the shores and producing a bewitching sound.

Coopers beach, SouthamptonYou would be surprised to find the beach the least crowded, giving you ample private corners to enjoy your holiday sunbathing with your loved one. However, there is a word of caution – nudity is prohibited on Coopers Beach, Southampton.  World famous for its cleanliness, Coopers Beach is a family friendly beach. You can have a great time with your kids on the Coopers, from day to night, with least possible chances of risk – be it cleanliness, water quality, weather, temperature, or safety. The range of activities available for people of all ages talks itself about the hospitality of the beach, which welcomes its guests with open arms, giving them ample moments to rejoice and rejuvenate on the white sand. Enjoy paragliding, snorkelling, sailing, horseback riding, wind surfing, swimming, fishing, and golfing.

Coopers Beach pavilion offers you umbrellas, fresh-water showers, chair rentals, and concession stands, which are hard to find elsewhere. Enjoy access to convenient parking facilities on the beach so that you don’t have to walk for long to reach your destination. Don’t forget to take your parking permit; or be ready to pay a fine. You require a village beach sticker to park anytime between the Friday before Memorial Day and mid-September. For security reasons, surfcasting, surfing outside the designated areas, launching power boats during this period. To retain the beauty, charm, and cleanliness of this pristine beach and keep the surroundings clean, littering, bonfire, alcohol, erecting tents, playing hardball, and overnight camping are prohibited here.

Get one of the many beachfront accommodations, including luxury suites, self-catering motels, exotic hotels and condos, and bed and breakfast guesthouses. No matter which time of the year you visit Coopers, you will enjoy Broadway-type shows and concerts at the beach.

Explore the numerous shopping avenues, market complexes, unique art galleries, and souvenir shops. And don’t forget to buy a gift from the Coopers Beach, Southampton, for your loved ones back home.



Jacuma Beach Natal Brazil

Natal is famous for it’s sand dunes, which means wind, wind, wind. Nice place to visit but definitely not our cup of tea. Our resort, developed in a tranquil beach environment while being only minutes away from the bustling cosmopolitan centre of Natal, offers something for both the discerning holiday-maker and the smart property investor. Jacuma Beach Resort is a 5-star eco-friendly development in the most beautiful part of Natal. The resort offers investors a world class rental package – it will be run by Sol Melia, the internationally renowned hotel group.

Jacuma Beach Natal Brazil

The average temperature in Natal, Brazil is about 28 degrees celsius. During the summer season it normally reaches 38 degrees celsius with the water at a soothing 26 degrees. Natal capital of State has 767.053 inhabitants and is 400 Km away from the coasts. Surroundings are composed by dunes, reefs, fallacies and natural pools. Situated on the north eastern coast of Brazil near the city of Natal, the area contains tropical gardens, rustic restaurants and white sand beaches.

Jacuma Beach Natal Brazil

The project is close to the large entertainment zone, and only five minutes away from local attractions. Jacuma Beach Resort’s location is just thirty minutes north of Natal City and just thirty minutes from where the new international airport will be located. Excellent roads lead directly to the resort, with infrastructure improvement projects already under way which will further improve accessibility. A mega golf resort is to be built in the area with 5 golf courses and Jacuma is situated only 25km from the new International airport and will be reached in 15 minutes after June 2010. Jacuma Beach and Golf Village will have a rental programme in place for owners who wish to rent out their properties.

Jacuma Beach Natal Brazil

Further, Jacuma’s just a few minutes away from the famous sand dunes of Natal where every day tourists go on exciting buggy trips along the semi . The resort is located in a tranquil environment, despite the enclose exclusivity of Jacuma Beach Resort it is located only minutes from the electric centre of Natal. The Jacuma Beach Resort offers an opportunity for both the professional property investors and forward thinking holiday makers. Natal is within 25km of the gated resort and the new international airport of Sao Goncalo del Amarante Airport, the eighth biggest in the world, will be within 15 minutes.

Jacuma Beach Natal Brazil

Natal in particular has been ear-marked for property and tourism growth and, as a result it is a clean, safe and cosmopolitan city. Jacuma Beach Resort offers buyers the best of both worlds; the tranquility of the resort as well as the international sophistication of Natal city — something a great number of homebuyers, investors and holiday makers look for as the perfect combination. Savour the local restaurants, boutiques and galleries and take in the many activities that Natal Ocean Club has to offer. Jacuma is one of the most desirable locations in Natal. It is located just 30 minutes north of Natal City and from where the new international airport will be located.


Cabo Frio Beaches

If you love stunning beaches, sun-soaked coastline, luxury resorts, and pristine surroundings, then think of no other destination than Cabo Frio Brazil. With nine beautiful beaches surrounding turquoise waters, offering panoramic views of the land and the sea, Cabo Frio offers you the best experience of a perfect holiday.

Rest and rejuvenate on the serene sandy beaches watching local band and samba performances in the day and enjoy a night in the vivacious city, offering the best nightlife to locals and tourists alike.

Cabo Frio Brazil

Cabo Frio promises to be your dream holiday destination, offering you a beautiful and luxurious vacation!

With so much to explore during Cabo Frio holiday, questions of where to go can haunt your mind, but be rest assured that it will be one of the best holiday experiences for you! Cabo Frio has always been known for its spectacular sand dunes and majestic beaches. No matter where you choose to spend your Cabo Frio holiday, the great selection of beaches here is certain to captivate you.

Before venturing to explore any beaches in Cabo Frio, first check out Gamboa Street or “The Bikini Street,” brimming with 200 stores and shops selling beach wear at amazingly low prices. Think of anything and you would find that here – be it sandals, bikinis, swim trunks, suntan lotion, beach blankets, coolers, or towels.

Fort of Sao Mateus, Cabo FrioIts nine beaches are the jewels of Cabo Frio, and if you miss exploring these, your holiday will be bereft of maximum enjoyment. Praia do Forte is the most famous beach in Cabo Frio, home to the 1620’s Fort of Sao Mateus, which offers spectacular panoramic views of the city. Local band and samba performances are quite popular on the beach. Your next destination should be Praia do Foguete or the Rocket Beach, which is the ultimate choice for gorgeous summer vacation homes.

Panoramic views of the summer vacation homes of the elite along the shoreline will surely captivate you, adding to your great Cabo Frio holiday experience. If you love surfing and fishing, you are lucky to be on the Praia do Foguete. Going further, you would reach the beaches of Brava and Praia do Peru – a paradise for surfers.

Do not forget to explore the Municipal Theater in Cabo Frio, popularly known as the epicenter of entertainment here, with modern and traditional music, dance shows, and plays giving a taste of Brazilian roots and attracting every entertainment enthusiast. You would love the pure sight of the majestic Feliciano Sodré bridge, stretching across a striking stretch of turquoise waters to connect Sao Pedro to Cabo Frio. A visit to the Church of St. Benedict, rich in architectural and historical wealth, is sure to enthrall you! A walk on the Avenida dos Pescadores, connecting the church, will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

If you want to witness sun, sand, and beach all at one place, choose Cabo Frio, an ideal alternative to any other urban holiday in Rio.


The City of the Sun, Natal is the largest city and capital of the Rio Grande do Norte. Thanks to its beautiful and alluring beaches, this quiet, clean, and bright city of Natal is popularly known as the beach capital of the northeast.

Lying along a beautiful coastline, touching calm and turquoise ocean waters, Natal boasts the purest air in the world, second only to Antarctica.

If you haven’t been to Natal before, plan your holiday to this mesmerizing Brazilian region.

Ponta Negra, Natal Beach

Explore the wild and rustic beauty of the Rio Grande do Norte coastline on the Natal beaches, which are always buzzing with tourists. You can enjoy a laid back holiday away from the busy city life sunbathing on the stunning beaches. You will be witness to some great sand dunes, beautiful coral reefs, majestic ocean pools, prominent cliffs, and lots of wind here. Natal has come to be identified as the hot spot of attractive sand dunes, which are ideal for sand skiing. A visit here will give you the amazing experience of ride by beach buggies.

Tourists visiting Natal never forget to explore the monstrous sand dune on the most beautiful beach here, the 4-km-long Ponte Negra, which is a Natal hot spot. The site of the Ponte Negra sand dune, inclining at 50° and dropping straight into the sea, is very attractive to the eye. You will find the slope perfect for sand skiing and the jungle green bordering the sand dune a pleasure to watch.

A Natal holiday is incomplete without kite surfing. In fact, anybody holidaying in this part of the world takes delight in kite surfing, one of the most popular sports on the Natal beaches, thanks to the speedy winds blowing all the time here, which are ideal conditions for the sport. Another attraction in Natal is Morro do Careca, also popular as the most famous landmark here. You will be delighted to find a great combination of green, ocean, dunes, and mountain in this part of the world.

Natal beach BrazilNatal offers you a good nightlife brimming with attractive and cheerful people, breathtaking vistas and beautiful shopping galleries, grand hotels, restaurants and bars to make your Natal holiday perfect. The grand Pitangui Lagoon is a treat to the eye, and you will find it brimming with tourists and locals on weekends. Up north, you will be impressed by the beauty of Redinha and Genipabu. The laidback beach of Redinha is a majestic site on your way to Genipabu.

Sit at one of its beach kiosks eating ginga com tapioca and enjoy your ride to another top Brazilian coast attraction Genipabu. Thus must-visit site is replete with sand dunes and lagoon. Enjoy sand surfing and buggy rides here.

History lovers will be impressed by the rich history of Natal, which reflects in its historical and ancient buildings. Do not forget to visit Forte de Reis Magos, an old fort lying on a spit of land. It is a retreat to the eye during high tide, when the bottom 3 feet of the fort submerges. Explore the small museum inside the fort and hone your knowledge about explorer Vasco de Gama.

Down south awaits a string of beaches offering you diverse fun options. Praia do Forte, Praia do Meio andPraia dos Artistas, Areia Preta, Via Costeira, Ponta Negra, Rota do Sol or the Sun Route  are must-see Natal attractions – offering numerous kiosks, restaurants, hotels, and everything you need to enjoy Natal beach life and nightlife.

If you haven’t been to this part of the world, you have probably missed a great tourist spot in the world.


St Barts Beaches

Located in the French Caribbean, the tropical island of St Barts is relatively unspoiled and abounds in stunning white sandy beaches, scintillating turquoise waters, breathtaking vistas, and best Caribbean restaurants and cafes. If you love traveling and haven’t been to St Barts, you probably have missed exploring one of the serenest places in the Caribbean.

Call it St Barthelemy or St Barths, this small Caribbean island is located near St Martin and Anguilla and is best known for its stunning beaches, intimate and friendly people, and ideal climate, making it the best place to be in during a Caribbean holiday.  The enchanting St Barts beaches are open to the public and add to the beauty of the island – one of the hidden gems in the Caribbean known for topless and nude sunbathing.

Best Beach on St BartsA holiday in St Barts means spending whole day at any of its 22 beaches and relaxing at one of the luxurious villas or resorts, which offer panoramic view of the island and the ocean. You will find St. Jean and Grand Cul de Sac beaches bustling with tourists and locals alike. For true seclusion, prefer the private Anse Colombier, Gouvernier, Grand Saline, and Flamands beaches.

A St Barts holiday offers you the best of seafood available anywhere on earth. A visit to the fishing village of Corossol would offer you a glimpse of the traditional Norman culture, and you would experience Caribbean intimacy and find yourself immersed in the sea of hospitality. Find women weaving lantana straw handicrafts in cotton-candy-colored wooden houses decked with fishing nets – a true picture of the traditional Caribbean life.

If you are a history lover, you would love to explore Gustavia’s historic sites, especially the Wall House Museum and Fort Gustav. The fascinating InterOceans Museum is another fabulous attraction on the island. Home to a huge seashell collection from each of the seven seas and five oceans, the museum is virtually one of the most awe-inspiring places on the island.

For shopping lovers, St Barts is a paradise, particularly capital Gustavia. With five shopping centers along the main road, St-Jean is the core of shopping action on the mesmerizing island. There is so much on offer in the Caribbean that you would be tempted to shop – be it exquisite souvenirs, porcelain, native crafts, colorful beachwear, evening fashions, and tropical shirts, elegant watches, intricately woven straw goods, or glittering jewelry. Tourists visiting the island find the La Ligne St. Barth a shopping haven for cosmetics and perfumes, with exquisite French perfumes sold at unbelievable prices – even cheaper than in France.

Exploring the narrow streets of Gustavia on foot is a wonderful experience, and you will get to explore the 18th-century French stone buildings, encompassing beautiful galleries, gourmet eateries, chic boutiques, and a Municipal Museum.

Visiting a paradise island and not indulging in adventure water sports is like doing injustice to yourself. Enjoy windsurfing, cliff-diving, snorkelling, sailing, scuba diving, fishing, and boating in St Barts and give yourself the opportunity to take pleasure in all that the island offers. August is the month of festivity in St Barts, with the whole island singing in one tone, dancing, and rejoicing and colorful fireworks lighting up the whole sky.  Choose St Barts as your next holiday destination; you won’t regret your decision!


Lagos Portugal Beaches

DSCF3324 Lagos - M in front of the Ponta da Bandeira fort - Portugal
Lagos Beach in front of the Ponta da Bandeira fort – Portugal

Lagos was the capital of the Algarve from 1578 until 1756 and there remain several ancient buildings to testify to its historic glory. From its Port maritime expeditions were embarked upon to discover the world at the orders of Prince Henry the Navigator . The city was was the capital of the Algarve from 1576-1756. Extensive damage was caused by the earthquake of 1755, so that today the center consists primarily of pretty 18th and 19th century buildings. Just north of Lagos is the Barragem de Bravura, a water reserve that is not only a spectacular sight itself but also offers fantastic views of the surrounding areas.

This historic town has played an important part in the story of discovery of many parts of the world. It was from the harbour that Vasco da Gama sailed in 1499 on his historic and epic voyage of discovery. The new train station is behind the Marina and it is a short walk to the marina and across a draw bridge and along the river into the centre of town. The bus station is across the road from the Marina where one can take buses too Seville in Andalucia, Spain and Lisbon to the north.

Lagos is chock full of restaurants which are very good and reasonably priced. House wine is about E6 ($8) a bottle. Lagos is famous for it’s nightlife, surfing, beaches and activities. The long history of Lagos is reflected in many of the old buildings. The old town is surrounded by more modern apartment and hotel developments including an attractive large marina.

Only 1 hour from Faro airport Lagos is probably the principal resort of western Algarve and popular with many nationalities. Beaches abound near Lagos and there are about 6 golf courses within a 15 minute drive. The vision for Dos Lagos is simple: create the opportunity for water sports enthusiasts to be able to do what they love most, with neighbors enjoying the same thing. Each lakefront homesite features a private dock with boat slip and fronts one of four sparkling sport lakes.

Lagos is a very popular resort having much to offer holidaymakers. The old town, which is hilly, is a warren of narrow streets filled with shops, bars and restaurants. Across the river from Lagos is Meia Praia , a very long sandy beach sheltered from the north by a gentle slope dotted with comfortable villas and holiday resorts. The once upon a time fishing village of Praia da Luz is now devoted to the quieter side of the tourist trade and residents from colder climates. Lagos is one of the few Algarve holiday resorts to maintain its identity as a real town and not just a tourist destination.

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Amelia Island State Park

Playing in sand at Amelia Island State Park beach

When you stop in at Fernandina Beach, or even the Amelia Island Island Plantation Resort, what you think might be anti-climatic is actually a place that is worth a visit when in the area; on the island. Amelia Island State Park is wilderness; well, the island left at its best by what humans could leave their hands off of since the land was turned into a park in the day.

If you’re a wilderness beach type, Amelia Island State Park, eight miles south of Fernandina Beach city limits, along the very famous Highway A1A, on Amelia Island, has 200 acres of land to roam, hike, explore, ride horseback. Actually, you can do more at the park, like swimming along the beach, or fish, or ride horses right one the sand!

Amelia Island State Park has a nice beach much like that of Fernandina Beach and Summer Beach. Since this is a State Park, you’re guaranteed that it will be well groomed and taken care of. To speak of fishing, some of the best can be done casting from the shore or the mile-long fishing bridge extending into Nassau Sound, where the state record flounder was hauled in and redfish and speckled trout are common catches.

Check out the Kelly Seahorse Ranch (7500 First Coast Highway, Amelia Island, 1-904-491-5166) serving the park with guided horseback rides that cost about $35 and go out four times daily. Call for more information and reservations.

Aerial picture of Amelia Island State ParkTo find out more about Amelia Island State Park, please call them at 1-904-251-2320. You will get directions, good lodging tips in the area, and where to eat for kiddies or adults. The people at the state park are just like you and I and enjoy going out on a good day as well. Just know they stand most of the day and meet and greet some awful people along with the awesome people!

Who would know?

Beach Index:

Location: eight miles south of Fernandina Beach along Highway A1A
Parking: free parking lots
Hours: 8 AM – sunset
Facilities: restrooms only

Sanibel beach, Florida

Bowman’s Beach provides some from the Sanibel’s greatest shelling right after a storm, and some from the island’s most remote seaside space. There’s a quarter mile or so stroll through the car parking great deal towards the seaside, in which you will cross a wooden bridge more than freshwater. Bowman Seaside is also an ideal location for sunsets. You will find picnic tables and bathroom facilities. You wouldn’t be in a position to see it from Lighthouse side. You will find miles of beach past Bowman’s that you just may stroll all day on.

If you’re into reviews, you might think Bowman’s Beach on Sanibel is a nice place to go on a holiday. And one might think the place would be packed with tourists and an endless line of cars, however it is not. Really, you’ll find there aren’t many that come to this wonderful bit of paradise. There’s a $6 bridge charge to enter the island. Make sure you have that on hand because it’s not mentioned in any of the publications – but know that the fees are put to good use in keeping everything up to a standard you’ll love.

Sanibel shellsAs far as parking, the meters are set at about $2 an hour. Make sure you have plenty of quarters!

Once in the parking lot, follow the signs down to Bowman’s Beach. It’s a little walk that will take you over some backwater, but well worth it and a few photo opportunities exist.

Look for shells on this beach! Remember that Sanibel is one of the shelling capitals of the world.  The ‘GOOD’ and uncommon shells (Florida fighting conch) aren’t discovered just lying around – we locals have picked those (grin) but you can still find them. Here’s a Sanibel Secret!

Bowman's Beach, SanibelYou need to work to get these shells, and most people don’t know this trick, even people who have been here all their lives.

The way we found the most shells is by actually getting in the water to cool off and then finding that they are buried just under the sand.  Only then did I discover the actual ‘secret’ of Bowman’s Beach.

Should you dig into the sand with your feet into the sands of the Gulf of Mexico generally in waist high water,  you’ll find those great shells like the Florida fighting conchs. I was snagging them on the bottom and throwing them on the beach.

sanibel shellingI know live shelling is against the law here so put the bigger shells in water and watch them for an hour. No crab or conch or other creature should emerged from them. The shell shops on Sanibel would have sold these for $75, for what I got totally free in the Gulf in a little time.

Bowman’s Beach is a wonderful stretch of gray-tan sand. Delightful for all ages with little surf.  Some may choose a wider beach like those around the Atlantic side of Florida (Daytona/Cocoa/Melbourne) and around the Panhandle region (Panama City/Destin). The benefit from the Florida Gulf side will be the surf isn’t as rough and also the Gulf is generally warmer than the Atlantic.

Florida fighting conchAs for Sanibel Island itself, we were wowed by the quaintness. I’m not sure how they keep it so “small-town” feeling, but you’ll get that when you walk into any shop or restaurant.

There are bike trails through the whole island and preserve, so you can literally spend a week here and not see all the nooks and crannies of this treasure off Fort Myers.

Any pets on Bowman’s Seaside should be leashed, and you need to clean up right after them.

To get to Bowman’s:
Watch for that signs alongside Sanibel-Captiva Street at mile 4.8 (based around the mile markers alongside the street).  You will cross San-Cap and follow Bowman’s Beach Street for 1/10 mile towards the car parking lot.

Car parking:
There’s a big car parking lot, and a couple of spaces which will accommodate RVs or trailers. Car parking is $2 per hour, from 7AM to 7PM.

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For 2012, The Wildwoods take the prize as being the best beach in New Jersey. It’s hard to compete with this awesome beach which combines all sorts of fun into one location. The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium released the news recently in Sandy Hook that Wildwood was number one.

There are actually three beach areas that take the prize almost every year: Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and North Wildwood. We are going to take a look at North Wildwood today and tell you what we’ve found and how you can plan an incredible day or weekend here.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re in the Jersey area anyway and not close to Wildwood, know that Ocean City came in second this time are and other cities making it into the running were Long Beach Island, Sea Isle City, Belmar, Cape May, Manasquan, Island Beach State Park, Sandy Hook and Seaside Heights.

North Wildwood Beach, New JerseyIf you like amusement parks, you’ll really like Wildwood NJ, and you’ll love Morey’s Piers! With 3 amusement piers and 2 beachfront waterparks spanning over 6 beach blocks. They have rides that will delight kids of any age, but they are known for some of the best rollers coasters in NJ.

All three of Morey’s amusement piers have a variety of games to choose from. From long-range hoops shooting to wacky fun water races! Test your skill with any number of dart games, fortune wheels and dime and quarter pitches where you can win stuffed animals, or any number of other prizes.

Wildwood is where you’ll find all the action on the little barrier island that is also home to Wildwood Crest and North Wildwood. You’ll find families, mobs of teens, and recent grads celebrating — all sharing the beaches and boardwalk.

From Memorial Day through Labor Day and beyond, families, teens, grads, and more flock to Wildwood to celebrate summer. More than 250,000 people fill Wildwood at the height of summer; the off-season population is under 10,000. Quiet isolation? You probably won’t find that in Wildwood!

The crowds may be a little frustrating at times, but if you want to be where the action is, you want to be in Wildwood! The Irish Weekend Fall Festival also coincides with a large classic car show on the boardwalk; so whether you’re a car lover or you want to celebrate your Irish heritage, the Irish Weekend Fall Festival is the place to be in September! Between the boardwalk and the Inlet at Anglesea is where you can catch all of the action.

Irish Weekend 2009 will take place September 25-27. If you’ll be visiting North Wildwood during the Irish Fall Festival Weekend, you may be wondering what else is going on. Have no fear — North Wildwood is full of fun things to do all year round.

While in Wildwood you must go visit the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse located in North Wildwood. This beautiful old lighthouse sits atop an old Victorian home where the lighthouse keeper and his family lived.

North Wildwood Boardwalk - New Jersey

Built in 1874 this lighthouse has five fireplaces and a beautiful living space for the family while they cared for the lighthouse. This lighthouse can be seen for 13 nautical miles and only stands 57 fett above sea level. Go visit this beautiful lighthouse and feel the history.

The massive boardwalk in Wildwood is a great place for some family fun. All along the strip you will find carnival type food and treats and games of chance. The boardwalk is also a popular destination for special events throughout the entire summer season.

One of the top attractions on the boardwalk is Morey’s Piers, the largest amusement park operator in the state of New Jersey and the largest pier park in the world! With over 100 rides and attractions and two large beachfront water parks, this seaside amusement park makes for a fantastic day for the whole family. Nearby, the Splash Zone water park is home to some of the best water rides in the state, and is perfectly family-friendly.

Great White at Morey’s Piers, NJ

The off-season population of Wildwood is over 5,400 according to the 2000 census, but 250,000 or more visit the island during peak vacation time. In the off-season Wildwood is like any small New Jersey town, but from the spring until late autumn the town is ready for fun. Local residents and vacationers enjoy the beaches, the boardwalk, salt water taffy, funnel cakes, popcorn, suntan lotion, fresh breezes and the amusement piers and water attractions. The Wildwood boardwalk is world-famous for many reasons. It is over 2 miles long and runs for 38 city blocks.

The boardwalk was built at the turn of the last century and its claim-to-fame is well-founded because it has more rides than Disneyland, is bigger than Coney Island and first-time visitors will discover no less than five amusement piers, including the world-renowned Morey’s Piers amusement complex and Raging Waters water park (owned and operated by Morey’s Piers), arcade games, carousels, world-class roller coasters, restaurants, fudge from the kettle, funnel cakes, ice cream, saltwater taffy, a movie theater, souvenir shops, carnival games, the convention center and the Boardwalk Chapel.

In the summer trams run the boards from sunrise to sunset and the old-fashioned trolley runs all year long. Add to this the fabulous Doo-Wop architecture of the hotels, motels and other buildings and you may be moved to take the Doo-Wop trolley tour to see all the sights. After all, you’re in the Doo-Wop Capital of the World and you shouldn’t miss seeing why this area is a living tribute to the time when Rock and Roll was King.

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Phipps Ocean Park, Palm Beach, Florida

Ocean Boulevard, is a small park in the Palm Beach, Florida area with a rocky, narrow shoreline. This is really nice for locals and tourists alike, and it’s simple to see why. Phipps Ocean Park is much more than the typical Florida beaches. You will find playgrounds, tiki huts, grills, picnic tables and much more. The shallow aqua blue coast makes for a stunning Florida day for snorkeling, surf fishing and swimming.

The park is located 1.5 miles north of Lake Worth Beach, on the south end of Palm Beach. There are metered parking spaces, so plan on taking some change. Phipps is open from sunrise to sunset. There are lifeguards, restrooms, picnic tables, and showers – so you have full facilities here – great for family parties.

But this park is tiny, just 450 feet of oceanfront which is protected by lifeguards and pretty close to Lake Worth. And I love Lake Worth because I can get in a few hours of snorkeling the artificial reef they’ve built here. It’s good for diving, too, so if you have time in the area, check it out. Let me warn you though, these two beaches are not anything to get too excited about. Yes, they’re pleasant, but better beaches are in the area.

Phipps Ocean Park, Palm Beach, FloridaYou can drive from Palm Beach all the way to Boynton Beach but beware that this isn’t like California. When driving Ocean Boulevard (A1A) in search of that secluded wonderful beach, you’ll be hard pressed to find it. First there are no shoulders beside the road so you can’t pull over to figure out where you are (thank God for GPS.) And what I found worse was that the beach is gated off for the most part for the private pleasure of multimillionaires who only live here for a few days in the winter. If you think about it, the road just kind of moves you along as there is no where for you to stop.

Oh, and if you’re into golf, the Town of Palm Beach Par three Golf Program is the most uniquely created and prominent courses in Palm Beach, is open towards the public and is set correct within the intersection from the Intracoastal Waterway and also the Atlantic Ocean — so close that in case you swing well difficult you may send your ball sailing off to the sea. The rolling green hills set the stage for that 18-hole program with sand dunes, palm trees, lagoons, as well as wildlife as its natural obstacles. Every hole captures the majestic beauty from the Palm Beach landscape.


Coronado Beach is number 1 for 2012 on Dr. Beach’s list of Top Beaches in America. One of the most popular beaches in the City of San Diego it draws large crowds in summer. With the official start to all things summer … barbecues, sunscreen, pool parties, fireworks, baseball games, lemonade, ice cream trucks, and itsy-bitsy skinny-mini bikinis is happening now on Coronado Beach, San Diego!

Most go over the bridge towards the beach on the Pacific side where the large Coronado Hotel is based. The jetty is what remains of a much longer jetty that was built in the early 1900’s to shelter a small cove in front of the Hotel Del Coronado. This cove and a nearby pier to the south allowed hotel guests to go deep-sea fishing at the off-shore kelp beds or to catch a water taxi to one of the gambling ships that were anchored in international waters off Coronado. Several hotels are being built to delight the foreign visitors as well.

Playing in the sand at Playa Coronado (Coronado beach).

Visitors can see the step-by-step construction of the historic Hotel del Coronado, Naval Air Station North Island, the ferry boats and the beachside summer “tent city” created by sugar magnate John D. There is a small giftshop on the premises. An exhilarating day at the sandy beach or along the bay can get exhausting – luckily, you won’t have to travel far to rest your head at the San Diego hotels. Central Beach tends to get the most crowded, but with the grand old hotel at your back and waiters serving drinks to guests on the boardwalk, it’s also the most romantic. There’s a small rock outcropping in front of the hotel, but if you keep to either side, it doesn’t present any real swimming hazards.

If you’re going to be there all day, plan on bringing your own food or visiting the small snack bar on the beachside. The snack bar serves hot dogs and typical snack bar fare. Choose from romantic, fine dining in Prince of Wales, featuring an extensive library wine list, casual California coastal cuisine at Sheerwater or light fare in Babcock & Story Bar. All offer spectacular indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the beach.

Inspired by The Del’s famous architectural design, the brand new beachfront cottages and villas of Beach Village feature two and three-bedroom suites with dining and living spaces, gourmet kitchens, cozy fireplaces and spacious ocean-view balconies and private terraces.

Within this exclusive enclave, amenities include private pools and hot tubs, personalized concierge service, and private access to the beach. Coronado Bay is a 200 unit beachfront high rise and gated private condo community featuring resort style living with all the comforts and amenities you expect to find in five star resorts.

The Hotel Del Coronado... Hotel in San DiegoWe know that San Diego is home to many of the world’s most famous beaches but which ones are the best? Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, San Diego Bay and Glorietta Bay, a laidback atmosphere and spectacular environmental setting have helped Coronado maintain a role as a resort getaway since the late 19th century.


  • Sand dark but nice and clean
  • Full facilities
  • Sports rentals available
  • Family Beach
  • #1 America’s Best Beach in 2012
Hapuna Beach

Hapuna Beach is the largest white sand beach on the island and is utterly gorgeous. The body surfing’s pretty decent (especially when the wind picks up) and when we went on weekday mornings it wasn’t crowded. Rated the “Number one beach in America” by Conde Nast Traveler, Hapuna Beach is a long stretch of pristine white sand and every guest room as a view of it. There is a little cove nearby where the waters are sheltered and clear. But according to this tally, Hapuna Beach is the site of the most spinal cord injuries (read — getting pounded into the sand head first) in the Aloha State. Sandy’s ranks right up there and so does Waikiki, which actually doesn’t surprise me that much.
Hapuna BeachIt is not spectacular here, but decent, expect minor patches of coral and fish unless you are prepared to swim further than most. The south end has little coral or fish unless you leave the protection of the beach area and head out along the rocky coast. What I didn’t expect was the rats that ran all around the cooking pavilion. It’s a shame, because it would otherwise have been a nice facility, with a fridge, stove, sink, and lots of tables. We had great expectations for this hotel. The beach was beautiful and lived up to all the previous reviews!

The half-mile strip also has great facilities like a paved walkway leading from the parking lot, which is a rarity in Hawaii! The beach is also shallow pretty far out, so it’s a good place to bring small kids, and walk out and swim around. Waves can get strong at times, and lifeguards leave in the early afternoon; I got several breaking waves to the face, and y’know, didn’t really enjoy it, but that’s the beach. The beach restaurant and bar at the Prince are more oriented to the pool, and are a moderate walk from the beach.

Kathy reading on Hapuna beach with Hapuna Prince Hotel in background

You can be busy from morning to night, or if you choose you can relax and soak in the rays on the long white sand beach. In addition, guests may also elect to play at the world famous Mauna Kea Golf course, rated one of the best courses in the state. However, you can still clearly see it has miles of golden sand and deep blue seas. Not without reason is Hapuna beach one of the most popular beaches on Hawaii Island. Its smooth, white sands extend far out into the surf, so wading in the shallows is easy on your feet. During summer months, the beach is at its widest and stays crowded from sunup to sunset; in contrast, winter months bring unfriendly waters with deadly riptides.

No swimming - Hapuna Beach, (except if you're in the water)

The windward (eastern) side of the island receives a lot of moisture. Hilo’s monthly averages are above 8 inches. The Big Island is a study in contrasts and natural diversity. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park contains one of the world’s most active volcanoes, which continues to pour into the sea adding to the shoreline. The blue-gray slate flooring throughout the hotel was imported from China, along with artisans who taught Big Island tile-layers how to cut and install it. The result is spectacular.


Serena Beach Kenya Africa

Located in the lap of the Indian Ocean, Serena Beach in Mombasa is a paradise on earth, providing you with the most relaxing atmosphere you could dream of anywhere else. Being a coral island, Mombasa has plenty of nature to offer tourists. The white sandy beach bordering the turquoise Indian Ocean waters is a splendor to watch, stay, relax, and have fun. The extensive yet never overcrowded gardens connecting the white sandy beach are a treat to the eye.

And talk about exotic. Have you ever experienced anything over in this part of the world? That’s what makes African beaches SO special. They remain largely untouched by the typical tourist looking to getaway for a week – these are grand beaches that offer not only a resort, but the opportunity of a lifetime to go on safari, climb a great mountain, make a dent on your bucket list!

Camel on the Beach, Africa

The sub-drenched powder soft sandy beaches, surrounding a shimmering turquoise ocean and decked with swaying palms, are the best example of a tropical paradise. The marine parks and fabulous coral reef villages are the best places to relish the uniqueness of a tropical paradise and in fact the ideal starting point for safari trips and safe havens for swimming.

If you love water excursions, Serena Beach is your best bet. You can expect to explore a wide range of tropical marine species, including elusive whale sharks, manta rays, and turtles, among others.

Serena Hotel, Stone Town, Mombasa

If you would really like to spot the whale shark, plan your Serena beach tour during September-October and January-February. You will find the marine park an ideal base for snorkeling and diving.
It is a good staging point for adventure sports on and off the beach. You will also find the Serena Beach a paradise for dolphin spotting. If you are a dolphin lover, don’t go anywhere else!

Savor the ethnic Swahili lunch in the Wasini channel island. You are sure to find it unique and delectable enough to tantalize your taste buds.

If you are a bird lover, take a motorboat trip to the mangrove channels to view kingfishers, cormorants, fish eagles, and grey herons. You can even cross over to the Diani Beach to explore Kenya’s wildlife and the forested Shimba Hills Reserve, home to the Kenyan coastal elephant, indigenous sable antelope, and a stunning wildlife variety.

A compelling adventure awaits you at the Mombasa beaches; step out to explore all that nature has to offer you in this part of the world!


Whitsunday Beach Australia

Australia-057 Whitehaven beach, Whitsunday Island sailing trip

The 76 pristine islands that make up the Whitsunday Island group lie at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, halfway between Brisbane and Cairns on Australia’s East coast. You’ll find a variety of resort and hotel accommodation offered. Long Island Whitsundays Resort is a small island resort, but with plenty to offer! The white sandy beaches offer plenty of watersports, or just time to laze around on the beach. If arriving into Hamilton Island Airport guests are required to travel by ferry and coach transfer. If arriving into Proserpine Airport guests can get a coach transfer to the front of the resort.

Not only is the area physically beautiful, it is sheltered from the ocean swell by the reef, while the islands stop the winds from becoming too strong. There are big tides, to be sure, and sometimes the winds and currents can be a bit tricky, but usually conditions are perfect.

Bring your swimmers and a towel, a wrap for an island or beach visit and a windcheater for sailing or the slightly cooler nights of our tropical winter. Something a little more “dressy” will be useful for the evenings, but the mood is still casual. Relax and enjoy a drink from your private balcony with uninterrupted views of the Coral Sea and Whitsunday Islands. Swimming pool, heated spa, guest laundry facilities and undercover parking. Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands enjoy a tropical climate and lifestyle all year round.

airlie beach and whitsundays!! 043

At Waterfront Whitsunday Retreat in Airlie Beach you can choose to relax by the horizon pool or watch the sunrise in your own private spa which overlooks the Coral Sea. The onsite restaurant serves a variety of local and international cuisine, and provides a beautiful view of the Coral Sea. The three-star hotel is an ideal choice for budget conscious travelers seeking a beautiful garden atmosphere in the heart of Airlie Beach.

There’s only one thing for you to do, arrange a camping permit for your chosen site with Queensland Parks and Wildlife. The organic breakfasts are a feast of delicious & healthy treats, with the best use of organic ingredients – You start your day, after a super breakfast feeling energetic, recharged & ready to tackle the world. Thanks for a fabulous stay. Simple, Stylish bouquets prepared by a passionate and creative Floral designer with overseas experience, Lydia Savy will help you find that perfect something at an affordable price.

the girls on whitehaven beach in the whitsundays

There are a variety of dining options, ranging from fast foods outlets to superior restaurants and entertainment is easy to find as there are a number of bars, pubs and clubs all located within close proximity of each other. Also, in and around Airlie Beach there is a huge amount of accommodation to suit every budget. Portside Whitsunday consists of 19 luxurious, fully self contained apartments, each superbly designed featuring the finest finishes imaginable. Each apartment boasts its own lounge, dining room and wide balcony accessible from the main bedrooms and living area inviting you to enjoy the magic of al fresco leisure living.


Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

Noosa is one of our top beach towns in Australia. It’s a perfect blend of tourist and local, hip yet laid back. The beach also offers great surfing and bodyboarding. What really makes this beach shine, however, is the town itself, a charming oasis on the sometimes overcrowded East Coast of Australia. Too cool, you say? Listen on. It is probably the beach you’ve been searching for.

Noosa is about an hour north of Brisbane, and almost directly in the middle of the continent. This spot on the continent ensures beautiful weather year-round, with water temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius (or 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit). That means pleasant water whenever you visit. And as you can see, the surf doesn’t really know what temperature it is, so it will be here just waiting for you to jump in.

Surfing Noosa Heads, Queensland, AustraliaThere’s no shortage to activities in Noosa. If you’re not into surfing, you can rent a fishing rod, or rip through the ocean on a jet-ski. If you want to navigate the ocean under your own power, take out a canoe. Admire some of the beautiful million dollar houses on the Noosa River, only a short drive from the town.

For the more shopping inclined, Noosa will be a field day. Window shop at some of the boutique stores. There are also numerous high-end fashion stores, along with great surf shops. There are also a ton of great restaurants, including some spectacular high-end options if you have a few extra dollars to spend. In particular, Hastings Street is your best option, with sun splashed outdoor dining. Noosa also has a great cooking school, if you’re more into doing it yourself.

Nature abounds in and around Noosa, as well. Nearby Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and home to a number of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. One of our all time favorite days in Australia was spent touring the Australia Zoo, created by famed Croc hunter Steve Irwin. Pet a koala, or view one of the incredible crocodile shows. Whatever you do, you really can’t go wrong in this beach paradise.


The Gold Coast is renowned for cheap souvenir and t-shirt shops ; plastic koalas are one of the most popular items. There are dozens of stores catering exclusively for the Japanese tourist market and Australian opals, sheepskins, wool products, and aboriginal “artefacts” are popular, although often overpriced. There’s one important thing to remember – the Gold Coast is a long, slender city. So just about everything runs north and south. The Gold Coast is situated in the southeast corner of Queensland, to the south of Brisbane, the state capital. Gold Coast City is renowned for its sunny subtropical climate, popular surfing beaches, expansive waterway and canal systems, a skyline dominated by high-rise apartment buildings, active nightlife and wide variety of tourist attractions.

A walk along the Gold Coast at Burleigh Heads

The Radisson Resort Gold Coast can cater meetings, conferences and corporate functions for small groups of 10 or large groups of 350. With our flexible Gold Coast hotel meeting space, cocktail style events may be arranged for up to 900 guests. We host successful events in renovated conference facilities at the Courtyard Surfers Paradise Resort, with professional event planners managing the details.

Winter surfline Miami to Surfers

Located in the northeast Australian state of Queensland, just 50 miles south of Brisbane, the Gold Coast offers a relaxed, outdoor-focused lifestyle with all the conveniences of urban living. One can choose to while away an afternoon being pampered at one of Australia’s top spas, or hiking in the Hinterland; wandering through world-class shops, or bungee-jumping out of a helicopter over the Pacific Ocean. Gold Coast Australia is home to so many different events, you can plan your holiday around one. Or just see what’s on when you get here. The Gold Coast also boasts the greatest concentration of duty free stores in Australia, more than 500 restaurants offering every kind of international cuisine, and accommodation to suit every budget. It is justifiably regarded as the theme park capital of Australia.

Heading back in over the Broadwater to the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia ‘s leading holiday playgrounds – and for lots of great reasons. With 42 km of sun-drenched beaches, World Heritage Listed rainforests, brilliant theme parks, shopping, nightlife and spas, it packs in more holiday attractions than you can imagine. As weird (or as simple!) as it may seem, behind this site are real people, based in Australia, with a passion and enthusiasm for travel, to help you with all your needs. Lamington National Park is Australia’s largest reserve of subtropical rainforest and offers nearly 160km of walking tracks.